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Site Visit TACIT Kanchanaburi project:
It is hard to believe my eyes that I’m in my home town. The pictorial of Tha Khanun, one of the seven indispensable forts during the Rattanakosin period, is stunning on a raining day. Looking at the Wat Tha Khanun on the peak of mountain from the amphitheater at Tha Khanun community market is mesmerizing. Cool weather and warm welcome of local people made this trip unforgettable. Today, the Kanchanaburi Rajabhat University (KRU) hosted the first visit for TACIT Kanchanaburi project. This project aims at co-producing a festival with concerned authorities and community. Although we missed an opportunity to participate in the early morning activity due to heavy rain, the late morning session to share knowledge and experience performed by cross-generation talk and presentation was very impressive. The milestones of historical transformation was intensively and lively discussed but it is not ended yet. This was just the initial stage to discover the interactions between biophysical dynamics and socioeconomic ones which has influenced the cultural changes for centuries. The comprehensive linkage between time dimension and cultural capital would be potentially disclose the passion and pain points of cultural proprietors. The KRU could apply the interdisciplinary academic expertises to revive the interesting tradition, in particular, for ethnic groups living in this district and empower them to gradually become the competent cultural manager. In closing, space is already nice but time for festival needs to be carefully examined to engage local people and tourists with selected local cultural assets. The KRU will find out all dimensions about when, where, who, what, why and how to achieve the TACIT goals and project’s objectives. It is time for KRU to creatively renew this fort!