PMU ทุนทางวัฒนธรรม

Visit TACIT Nakhon Sawan project:
Stop Shop and Go! This is what I usually do once I travel north and arrive in Nakhon Sawan province. Next time, my protocol would be altered to Rest Learn and Enjoy the prestigious co-existing ethnically cultural capital. The Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University (NSRU) is about to amaze us by making this new protocol come true. Innovating new way of life, reviving lost cultures and creating extra value of existing ones through the incoming festival is initially planned with ethnic groups who live in this province. The question is how to define appropriate theme for such rich culture, in particular, specifying the right time and right place with right culture to accomplish PMU and TACIT initiative goals as well as ethnic groups’ demands. It is crucial to take into account that the festival should be geared by academic-led direction rooted in historical profile with active participation of concerned stakeholders, and motivated by socioeconomic return. What’s more? The jointed venture of strong network and transparent management mechanism could sustain the future development oriented by the wonderful ethnic fest. The NSRU is undertaking this challenge and definitely competent to overcome it. Cheer up NSRU!