PMU ทุนทางวัฒนธรรม

Visit TACIT Chainat project:
Hello Chainat, a province that I have visited the huge straw birds show since I was a teenager. It is so long that I forget what I discovered at that time. Thus, this opportunity to meet the research team from Chandrakasem Rajabhat University (CRU) at Manorom-Khum Sampao community, a cultural gem of Chainat, is considered a fantastic return. It was not only to explore many hidden cultural interests but also to co-learn the historical transformation in relation to cultural highlights with local residents and, of course, with CRU academics. On the way to the place for our wrap-up session, we had a chance to make merit at a famous monnastery, Wat Tha Sung, in Uthaithani where it’s location is not very far from Manorom-Khum Sampao. The last activity was a group discussion to clarify the information shared among participants during the morning. Once again, we did fruitful knowledge and experience sharing to fulfill the TACIT goals, to strengthen the community’s potentials and to minimize one’s limitations. The role of CRU research team and support unit also becomes crystal. Thank you CRU crews and Manorom-Khum Sampao residents. See you when we see you.